Shetland Sheepdog Beagle mix – Sheltie Beagle Mix

The Shetland Sheepdog Beagle mix, also known as the Sheltie Beagle or Beagle Sheltie, is a designer hybrid dog breed cross between a purebred Beagle and a purebred Shetland Sheepdog, also known as Sheltie. This friendly, energetic, and highly intelligent crossbreed combines the best traits from both parental breeds into one amazing canine companion.

As a relatively new hybrid dog breed, the Sheltie Beagle mix is gradually growing in popularity among dog lovers and families looking for an affectionate, people-oriented pet. These hybrid dogs make wonderful companions thanks to their devoted nature borrowed from the Sheltie side and the happy-go-lucky temperament of the Beagle.

Crossbreeding a Beagle with a Sheltie allows breeders to produce a dog with hybrid vigor that tends to be healthier than their purebred parents. Since the Sheltie Beagle mix is not an officially recognized breed, there are no strict breed standards for these dogs to adhere to. Each puppy in every litter can look quite different in appearance and personality.

However, while individual dogs may vary, most Beagle Sheltie mixes share typical characteristics in terms of size, coat, temperament and health inherited from their parent breeds. Understanding more about the Shetland Sheepdog and Beagle will help you gain better insight into this increasingly popular mixed breed.

TraitShetland Sheepdog Beagle Mix
Size13-15 inches tall, 20-30 pounds
Coat & ColorDense medium length double coat. Black, white, sable, tri-color.
TemperamentEnergetic, playful, loyal, vocal at times, loves people
Activity Needs45-60 minutes/day
TrainingResponds very well to positive reinforcement training
GroomingModerate shedding. Needs weekly brushing.
Kid FriendlyYes, very gentle temperament
Health IssuesHip dysplasia, some inherited eye conditions
Lifespan11-14 years
Mix Parent BreedsBeagle x Shetland Sheepdog
Great forActive individuals, families, those with yards
Apartment LivingCan do well in apartments with adequate daily exercise
Barking LevelModerate – may bark when playing or left alone
Suitable for First Time OwnersWith training experience. Needs plenty of activity.

Understanding the Beagle and Sheltie Parent Breeds

To better understand the unique traits of the Sheltie Beagle mix, it is helpful to learn more about the history and characteristics of the two parent breeds used to create this hybrid dog.

History and Overview of the Beagle

The Beagle has its origins as a scenthound dating back to ancient Greece. Beagles were developed in England in the early 1800s for hunting hare and rabbit. Their excellent sense of smell, tracking instincts, determination and intelligence made them superior hunting companions.

Today’s Beagle ranks as one of the most popular hound dog breeds. They make lively, cheerful and sociable family pets. Beagles are pack animals that form strong bonds with their human families. They have gentle dispositions and get along well with children and other pets.

Some key traits of the Beagle include:

  • Friendly, happy and affectionate nature
  • Love of companionship
  • Intelligent and easy to train
  • Energetic, playful and adventurous spirit

History and Overview of the Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog, also affectionately called Sheltie, originated from the Shetland Islands between Scotland and Norway where they were used as herding dogs for sheep and ponies.

Early Shelties were intelligent, agile and vocal dogs that excelled at herding. Today, the Sheltie is prized as an exceptionally smart and obedient companion. They are elegant small herding dogs that are intensely loyal and affectionate with family members.

Some popular Sheltie traits are:

  • Highly intelligent and easily trained
  • Extremely loyal
  • Vocal and energetic
  • Protective of family members
  • Reserved with strangers

By crossing a people-oriented Beagle with an intelligent Sheltie, breeders aimed to produce companion dogs with the best qualities of both ancestry.

Characteristics and Traits of the Beagle Sheltie Mix

The Beagle Sheltie mix is a bright, energetic dog that combines the best personality traits from both the Beagle and Shetland Sheepdog breeds. Since crossbreeds can inherit any combination of characteristics from their parents, the exact temperament of individual Sheltie Beagle mix puppies can vary.

However, there are many common behavioral qualities found in these hybrid dogs due to the influence of their parent breeds:

  • Intelligent: Inheriting cleverness from both the Beagle and Sheltie, these mixes tend to be smart dogs that learn quickly.
  • Energetic: With high energy levels from both ancestral breeds, the Beagle Sheltie cross needs daily activity and exercise.
  • Vocal: Barking, howling and baying tendencies can be strong in these vocal hybrids.
  • Loyal: Forming strong bonds with their owners, Sheltie Beagle mixes are often very devoted companions.
  • Playful: Fun-loving and upbeat from their Beagle lineage, these dogs usually enjoy playtime.
  • Alert: Sheltie heritage makes these dogs attentive and alert to their surroundings.
  • Friendly: Typically eager to make friends with new people thanks to their Beagle parent influence.
  • People-oriented: Sheltie Beagle mixes tend to thrive when around their human families.
  • Independent: Moderate independence levels mean these dogs can spend some time alone.

Since designer breeds are still relatively new, the Sheltie crossed with Beagle makes an intriguing hybrid companion for those seeking a highly versatile dog.

The Perfect Combination of Two Loving Breeds

The Beagle Sheltie mix brings together two purebreds that each offer wonderful qualities as family companions. By combining these two dogs with friendly, affectionate temperaments, breeders have created a hybrid that makes for an ideal family pet.

The Beagle contributes:

  • A happy, upbeat temperament
  • A loving, gentle nature
  • Playfulness and enthusiasm
  • A sociable, people-loving personality

The Shetland Sheepdog contributes:

  • Intelligence and trainability
  • Extreme loyalty and devotion
  • A protective instinct for their family
  • An energetic yet gentle disposition

While Shelties tend to be reserved with strangers, Beagles are famously friendly with everyone. This helps counterbalance any wariness the Sheltie side may add. The Sheltie’s intelligence combined with the Beagle’s easy-going nature results in a smart yet fun-loving hybrid.

The Beagle Sheltie mix blends together the best of both breeds. These qualities make this hybrid an ideal companion for active individuals and families looking for an affectionate dog.

Meet the Adorable Sheltie Beagle Mix

The Sheltie Beagle mix is an absolutely adorable crossbreed dog that makes a wonderful canine companion for families. These hybrid dogs have many endearing qualities that make them so lovable.

In terms of appearance, Sheltie Beagle mixes are cute little dogs with sweet, soulful expressions inherited from both parental breeds. They often have the Beagle’s signature long, droopy ears set on a fluffy Sheltie-esque head. Their bodies are sturdy yet compact.

These dogs have playful and energetic personalities that bring smiles to their owners’ faces. They love going on walks, playing games and spending time with their favorite people. Sheltie Beagle mixes bond deeply with family members and shower them with affection.

Since this crossbreed tends to be quite intelligent, they are generally easy to train using positive reinforcement techniques. Their eagerness to please makes them responsive to obedience cues and commands. With proper socialization, these hybrids get along wonderfully with children, other pets and strangers.

For active individuals and families seeking a friendly, fun-loving smaller dog, the Sheltie Beagle mix makes a perfect choice. Their combination of lovable temperament, intelligence and enthusiasm brightens up any household. If you want a sweet, lively little hybrid, then this bright-eyed, floppy-eared crossbreed will melt your heart!

History of the Beagle And Shetland Sheepdog Mix

The Sheltie Beagle mix is one of many popular “designer dog” hybrids created in the last couple decades by crossing two purebreds. As a relatively new crossbreed, the origins of the first Beagle Shetland Sheepdog crosses are not well documented.

However, by understanding the background of the parent breeds involved, we can gain insight into this hybrid’s ancestry.


The Beagle breed traces its roots back thousands of years to ancient Greece, where hounds similar in appearance to today’s Beagle were used for hunting rabbits and hare. Beagles were further developed as a distinct scent hound breed in England in the 1800s to hunt foxes and later rabbits.

With their superb sense of smell, tracking ability, determination and intelligence, Beagles became prized hunting dogs. Today, Beagles are mainly beloved as cheerful and affectionate family companions.

Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog, affectionately called the Sheltie, originated from the Shetland Islands between Scotland and Norway. They were bred to be small, intelligent, agile herding dogs able to adapt to the harsh climate and rugged terrain.

Shelties excelled at herding and protecting sheep while remaining obedient to their shepherd owners. In the early 20th century, Shelties were brought to England and later North America and recognized as a breed. They quickly became popular thanks to their gorgeous looks, intelligence and loyal temperament.

By mixing the classic scenthound Beagle with the clever Sheltie herder, breeders have produced a hybrid companion that brings together the best attributes of both lineages.

Beagle Shetland Sheepdog Mix Appearance

Since the Sheltie Beagle mix is a cross between two pure breeds, their physical appearance can vary but generally falls somewhere in between the two parent breeds. These hybrid dogs tend to have a sturdy, compact body shape and combine facial features of both the Beagle and Shetland Sheepdog.

Coat Types And Color

The Beagle Sheltie mix usually has a medium length double coat that can be thick and coarse like the Sheltie or short and dense like the Beagle’s coat. Common coat colors include black, white, tan, tricolor, merle, sable and a mix of these colors.

Most Sheltie Beagle mixes have the signature long, floppy ears of a Beagle. Their muzzle tends to be moderate in length. Eyes are often a dark brown. The tail of this crossbreed is usually moderately long and carried up curled over the back.

Since there can be significant diversity in hybrid litters, every Beagle crossed with Sheltie will be unique in physical characteristics. However, they generally combine the essence of both parental breeds into one adorable, fluffy package.

Sheltie Beagle Mix Size and Weight

The Sheltie Beagle mix is considered a small to medium-sized hybrid dog. Since Beagles and Shetland Sheepdogs differ quite a bit in size, these crossbreeds can vary significantly in their height and weight.

Typically, a full grown Sheltie Beagle mix will measure between 13 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder. However, some may be smaller or larger depending on which parent they take after.

Weight also varies from 20 to 30 pounds on average. Beagle Sheltie mixes from smaller Beagle or Sheltie parents can be under 20 pounds, while those from larger lineage may exceed 30 pounds.

Males tend to be slightly taller and heavier than females. Proper nutrition and exercise are also required to prevent a Sheltie Beagle mix from becoming overweight.

Keep in mind that during the rapid growth phase of puppyhood, a Beagle crossed with Sheltie will quickly gain significant height and weight. Monitoring their development and providing high-quality nutrition will set them up for a healthy adulthood.

Sheltie Beagle Mix Personality

The Sheltie Beagle mix inherits a wonderful combination of behavioral traits from its purebred parents. These hybrid dogs tend to be intelligent, energetic, fun-loving and deeply devoted to their families.

From the Beagle side, these mixes get their happy-go-lucky attitude and zest for life. They are cheerful dogs that see the bright side of everything and love being around people and other pets.

The Shetland Sheepdog lineage contributes extreme loyalty and a protective streak. Sheltie Beagle crosses bond very closely with their owners and aim to please. They often alert bark to any perceived threats.

These smart hybrids are usually easy to train thanks to the intelligence inherited from both parent breeds. With early socialization and positive training methods, the Sheltie Beagle mix makes the perfect family companion.

Since this crossbreed tends to be high-energy, they thrive when given plenty of playtime, activity and mental stimulation. Providing this energetic hybrid with adequate outlets helps prevent nuisance barking or destructive behaviors.

For an affectionate, intelligent and lively mix perfect for active owners, the Sheltie crossed with Beagle ticks all the boxes.

Sheltie Beagle Mix Common Health Concerns

Like all dogs, the Sheltie Beagle mix may be prone to certain health conditions. Reputable breeders screen their breeding dogs for any genetic issues seen in the parent breeds.

Some potential health problems to be aware of include:

  • Hip Dysplasia: Malformation of the hip joint socket common in Beagles. Causes arthritis and lameness.
  • Patellar Luxation: Dislocation of the kneecap found in small dog breeds like Shelties. Leads to temporary lameness.
  • Hypothyroidism: Deficiency of thyroid hormone seen in Shetland Sheepdogs. Causes lethargy, obesity and hair loss.
  • Epilepsy Brain disorder causing seizures for which Beagles are susceptible.
  • Eye Problems: Various eye conditions affect Beagles and Shelties including cataracts, glaucoma and progressive retinal atrophy.
  • Ear Infections: Floppy eared dogs like the Beagle tend to be prone to ear infections if not cleaned regularly.

Responsible health screening and breeding practices can help minimize the chances of these heritable conditions in Sheltie Beagle mix puppies. Keeping the dog at a healthy weight, exercising moderately and proper vet care also helps reduce risks as they age.

Sheltie Beagle Mix Care

Caring for a Sheltie Beagle mix involves providing for their physical and mental needs. As active hybrid dogs bred from two highly energetic breeds, they require plenty of exercise, mental stimulation, nutrition, grooming and veterinary care.

  • Exercise: Sheltie Beagle mixes need 45-60 minutes of vigorous activity daily including walks, playtime off-leash in a safe area, hiking and other exercise. These athletic dogs also excel at dog sports.
  • Training: Early socialization and positive reinforcement training is essential for these intelligent, eager-to-please hybrids. Training strengthens the bond with their owner.
  • Grooming: Expect moderate shedding from the thick double coat. Brush 2-3 times a week to control loose hair. Trim nails monthly and clean ears regularly.
  • Nutrition: A high-quality dry dog food formulated for small to medium energetic breeds provides the right balance of protein, fat, carbs and essential nutrients. Avoid overfeeding.
  • Vet Visits: Sheltie Beagle mixes should have annual vet exams, vaccinations, heartworm tests and preventives. Monitor for any signs of health issues.

With proper care, exercise, training and love, a Sheltie crossed with Beagle will be a happy, well-adjusted canine companion for years to come.

Feeding and Nutrition For a Beagle Sheltie Mix

The Sheltie Beagle mix is an active hybrid dog with high energy needs. Feeding a nutritious diet in appropriate portions is important for their health.

As medium-sized dogs, Beagle Sheltie crosses need approximately 1 to 1 1/2 cups of high-quality dry dog food per day. This should be divided into two meals. The amount can be adjusted based on age, activity level and metabolism.

Look for a dog food formulated for medium or small breed dogs with an active lifestyle. Avoid low quality foods with lots of fillers. The first two ingredients should be a quality source of protein such as chicken, beef, fish or eggs.

Since Sheltie Beagle mixes are prone to weight gain, calories should not exceed their energy requirements. Treats should make up no more than 10% of total food intake.

Provide continual access to fresh clean water. Check food and water bowls daily and wash them regularly. Do not overfeed this crossbreed as excess weight puts more strain on their joints. An optimal diet supports muscle development and healthy bones and joints.

Discuss your Sheltie Beagle mix’s nutritional needs with your vet. They can recommend feeding based on the individual dog’s age, health status and other factors. Proper diet and exercise will keep a Beagle Sheltie mix in great shape.

Lifespan Of Shetland Sheepdog Beagle mix

The expected lifespan of a healthy Shetland Sheepdog Beagle mix is 11 to 14 years. However, lifespan can vary considerably based on genetic diversity, environment and lifestyle factors.

Beagles generally live 10-15 years while Shetland Sheepdogs tend to have a 12-14 year lifespan. By mixing two purebreds, hybrid vigor typically leads to greater longevity in crossbreeds. Properly caring for a Sheltie Beagle mix can help maximize their lifespan potential within the breed’s norms.

Factors that influence lifespan include:

  • Genetics: Inheriting genes for good health from healthy parent stock promotes longevity. Reputable breeders screen for issues seen in Shelties and Beagles.
  • Diet: Providing complete, balanced nutrition suitable for the breed supports a long, healthy life. Avoid obesity and overfeeding.
  • Veterinary Care: Wellness exams, prompt treatment of illness, dental care and preventives like vaccines boost longevity.
  • Environment: A stress-free, enriching home environment and lifestyle helps avoid behavior issues and accidental injury.
  • Exercise: Regular activity keeps muscles, joints, circulatory system and weight in optimum condition.

With conscientious breeder selection, proactive veterinary care, proper diet and exercise, and lots of love, a Beagle Sheltie mix can thrive and delight their family for years past their average lifespan.

Sheltie Beagle Mix Physical Characteristics and Temperament

The Sheltie Beagle mix brings together the genetics of two purebreds into one cute crossbreed dog. Here is an overview of the typical physical traits and personality of Beagle crossed with Sheltie:

Physical Characteristics

  • Size – Small to medium, 13-15 inches tall, 20-30 pounds
  • Coat – Medium length, either smooth or longer and thick
  • Color – Black, white, tan, tricolor, sable, merle
  • Ears – Long, floppy ears like the Beagle
  • Tail – Moderately long, curled over the back
  • Expression – Sweet, soulful eyes


  • Intelligent and trainable
  • Energetic and playful
  • Vocal tendencies common
  • Affectionate and loyal
  • Loves people and family time
  • Alert and observant
  • Friendly with good socialization
  • Enjoys activities and exercise

Since mixes can inherit any combination of traits, individual dogs may vary. Proper training and socialization from a young age allows Sheltie Beagle puppies to develop into well-rounded canine companions.

What to Consider When Owning a Beagle Sheltie Mix

The Sheltie Beagle mix makes a wonderful pet for active families when properly cared for. Here are some key things to consider if you’re interested in owning one of these hybrid dogs:

Dietary Needs

Provide high-quality dog food formulated for energetic medium-sized breeds. Feed 1-1.5 cups divided into two meals daily. Avoid overfeeding and limit treats. Always provide fresh water.

Exercise Requirements

Plan on providing 45-60 minutes of vigorous exercise like running, hiking and playing fetch. A safely fenced yard is ideal. These dogs enjoy activities that engage their minds too.

Grooming Requirements

Expect moderate shedding. Brush their double coat 2-3 times per week. Trim nails monthly. Check and wipe ears weekly. Bathe only when needed using a mild dog shampoo.

Training and Socialization

Early socialization and positive training are musts. These intelligent dogs need mental stimulation. Reward-based training strengthens your bond. Obedience classes are highly recommended.

Health Problems and Common Ailments

Hip and elbow dysplasia, eye issues, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, and ear infections may be potential concerns to monitor. Veterinary care helps keep your dog healthy.

The Sheltie Beagle mix thrives as part of an active family who can meet their needs for exercise, training, attention and preventative healthcare.

What Are Beagles Usually Mixed With?

The friendly, lovable Beagle is popularly crossed with many other purebreds to create playful Beagle hybrid mixes such as:

  • Labrador Retriever: Beagle Lab mixes tend to be energetic, affectionate and make great family pets.
  • Pug: The Beagle Pug mix combines a Beagle’s playfulness with a Pug’s goofy charm.
  • Cocker Spaniel: The sweet Beagle Cocker Spaniel mix makes an excellent companion.
  • Jack Russell Terrier: Beagle Jack Russell mixes are intelligent and lively with tons of energy.
  • Basset Hound: Breeding a Beagle with a Basset Hound results in a low energy scent hound.
  • Golden Retriever: The Beagle Golden Retriever mix is an upbeat, friendly hybrid dog.
  • Poodle: Beagle Poodle mixes are smart, energetic dogs with cute curly coats.
  • Chihuahua: A Beagle Chihuahua mix is a fun pint-sized hybrid ideal for apartment life.
  • Rat Terrier: Beagle Rat Terrier mixes make affectionate, alert watchdogs.
  • Australian Shepherd: Crossing a Beagle with an Aussie brings together two high-energy working breeds.
  • Coonhound: A Beagle mixed with Coonhound results in a lively and affectionate hybrid pet.

Beagles are crossed with many breeds because their happy personality and energetic nature combines well.

Finding a Reputable Breeder or Adopting a Beagle Sheltie Mix

Since Sheltie Beagle mixes are a designer hybrid not formally recognized by breed clubs, finding a responsible breeder can take some effort. Here are some tips:

  • Search for breeders specializing in Beagle and Sheltie crosses specifically. Avoid puppy mills or backyard operations.
  • Look for breeders doing health screening on parent dogs for issues like hip dysplasia and eye diseases.
  • Ask about the temperament and training of the parent dogs. Look for puppies bred from dogs with friendly, stable temperaments.
  • Expect to be put on a waitlist and pay over $1000 USD from a quality breeder.
  • Consider adopting a Beagle Sheltie mix from a rescue organization if you want to skip the puppy phase.

Adoptable Beagle and Sheltie mixes may also be found through:

  • Breed-specific Beagle and Sheltie rescues
  • Local animal shelters
  • Websites like

Adopted adult dogs often come already house-trained and with known temperaments. Working with a rescue gives a dog in need a loving forever home.

Whichever route you choose, make sure to meet both parent dogs when possible.

Is the Sheltie Beagle Mix Right for You?

The lively, loving Sheltie Beagle mix makes an excellent family dog, but requires an active home able to meet their needs. Consider if this energetic hybrid is the right fit:

Good Fit For:

  • Active families who enjoy the outdoors
  • People with lots of time for exercise and play
  • Those looking for an affectionate, loyal companion
  • Experienced dog owners able to train and socialize
  • Homes with securely fenced yards for play
  • Families with children or other pets

Not Ideal For:

  • Sedentary owners unable to provide adequate exercise
  • Those away from home for long periods
  • Small apartments or condos
  • First-time inexperienced dog owners
  • Families who want a laidback lap dog
  • Homes where frequent barking is a nuisance

The Sheltie Beagle mix thrives in an energetic household with owners ready to give them plenty of attention, training, socialization and daily activity. They require more exercise and interaction than the average dog. Make sure your lifestyle is a good match.

Beagle Sheltie Mix Puppy Price

A Beagle crossed with Sheltie puppy from a reputable breeder ranges in price from $500 to over $1000 USD. The cost depends on the breeder’s location, litter pedigree, and special coat colors or markings.

Factors affecting price:

  • Breeder reputation, quality and location
  • Whether parent dogs have show or working titles
  • Coat color trends – some colors are pricier
  • Litter availability and demand in the region
  • Inclusion of a health guarantee

Price ranges:

  • $500-800 USD – Pet quality from a hobby breeder
  • $800-1500 USD – Well-bred pups from top breeders

Additional costs:

  • $400-600 Initial vet fees, supplies, accessories
  • $50-100 Monthly food, treats, toys
  • $800-1000 Annual healthcare costs

It’s important not to simply choose the cheapest pup. Find an ethical breeder doing proper health tests. Avoid “too good to be true” low prices, as that may indicate irresponsible breeding practices.


The Shetland Sheepdog Beagle mix is a special hybrid dog that brings together the best qualities of two popular purebreds. Intelligent, energetic and devoted, these Sheltie crossed with Beagle dogs make the ultimate canine companion for active families.

This crossbreed combines the Beagle’s happy-go-lucky personality with the Sheltie’s loyalty and trainability into one lovable package. Sheltie Beagle mixes thrive when given plenty of exercise, playtime, training and time with their adored people.

While Sheltie Beagle mixes make wonderful family pets, they do require more activity, attention and training than the average dog. Their high intelligence also needs mental stimulation to prevent problem behaviors. Owners need to be ready for an energetic dog with moderate grooming and shedding.

If you can provide the proper care, exercise and engagement this hybrid needs, the good-natured, fun-loving Sheltie Beagle mix will make a perfect addition to your family! Their winning combination of traits from two fantastic purebreds makes them ideal companions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Beagle Mixes Good Dogs?

Yes, Beagles tend to produce good mixed breed dogs due to their friendly temperament.

Are Shetland Sheepdogs Barky?

Yes, Shelties are known to be vocal dogs since they were bred to herd sheep using their bark.

Are Shetland Sheepdogs Good House Dogs?

Yes, Shelties adapt very well to being house dogs if provided sufficient daily exercise.

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